Help your patients achieve a lifetime of healthy weight and wellness.

Our Mission: We are committed to equipping wellness providers with an effective science-based program and business model that will enable you to help your overweight and obese patients achieve healthy weight loss. As you implement our proven system, your expanded model of wellness will diversify your practice … and your income!

How we are unique:

Activate DNA Weight Loss isn’t a quick fix, short term diet or a product selling business. It’s a comprehensive clinical-based weight loss system and business model. Our providers use technology like computerized body composition analyses combined with genetic testing to craft a weight loss system unique to each of the overweight and obese patients they help. (And, statistics show we ALL have plenty of those!). By combining science with strategic eating recommendations, providing temporary supplementation to help establish critical habits, and offering a community of support, Activate DNA Weight Loss will help your patients embark on a lifetime of healthy weight and wellness. Mix that with our coaching, tools and support of you and your staff and have a no-brainer approach to improving your business’ bottom line. Serve more. Earn more. It’s as simple as that!

Obesity is an
American epidemic

You can expand your model of care while fighting back against America’s weight crisis.

Your community is full of people wishing they could lose weight and start their journey toward a better life, but where do they start? The amount of options and information is overwhelming, and none of it is specifically catered to your patients needs.

Activate DNA Weight Loss is a win-win for both the patients challenged by this epidemic and the doctors who help them. It’s safe and effective, non-insurance dependent, low-cost, and scientifically personalized — all without sacrificing the human contact and support needed when making major lifestyle changes.

The Science Behind Activate DNA Weight Loss

We start with testing and technology from Day 1 with a computerized Body Composition Analysis. We measure your patient’s fat, muscle, water, and bone weight, which lets us know what weight loss is feasible and at what speed.

Then we use genetic testing to check their DNA and determine your patient’s processing, storage, and assimilation of different nutrients. Instead of guessing at protein ratios and the levels of fats and carbs your patients need, our program delivers a long-term success manual as a first step.

Once this phase is completed, we use tailored dietary plans and supplements to help patients achieve their goals without becoming nutritionally deficient or suffer from intense cravings, all while encouraging daily text communication to keep your patient informed and motivated.

Our system relies on these essential elements

  • Staff driven. Doctor oversight.
  • Proven yet simple strategic eating.
  • Personalized plans provided to you.
  • Nutritional formulas
  • Community & support

Genetic Testing

The knowledge we gain from Genetic Testing can be applied to optimize health with the goal of offering people personalized nutrition based on their genetic makeup. People who are on the right diet for their metabolism will have more energy and feel better.

A lifetime program for a lifetime of change

Our program’s value is built on the sum of its parts. Instead of offering piecemeal advice and recommendations on how to lose weight, give your clients the complete toolset they need to dramatically improve their health and establish habits that will last them a lifetime.

The Four Phases of Activate DNA Weight Loss

Phase 1

Fat-loading phase
1 day

Phase 2

Losing Phase
41 day cycle

Phase 3

Transition Phase

Phase 4

Lifetime Phase

Our Supplements

Boosts immunity and energy levels

Promotes balanced nutrition
and longevity

Helps control appetite and blood sugar levels

Promotes optimal digestive health

Promotes a stronger immune system

The best clinically supervised weight loss program built for patients, by doctors.

Activate Your Patients' Wellness!

The promises of Activate DNA Weight Loss

Your patient will never feel alone.

Your patient will not be dependent upon any product.

Your patient will learn the unique habits and nutritional input they need to live long-lasting, healthy lives.