10 Ways to Win This Year!

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10 Ways to Win This Year!

We’re going to step away from our mini-series on “The Wheel of Business” in this particular blog and will re-visit that topic next time. We want to share a timely message since this is clearly a time when many people pause and take time to reflect … AND aim to make the coming year even better than the one we’ve just wrapped up. Have you done that yet?

The completion of another year and the launching of a new one is always an exciting time for us as we coach wellness providers to expand their services (and income) by adding the Activate DNA Weight Loss Program to their practice. Like us, you have probably seen real-life evidence over and over of the fact that there are ingredients beyond a particular product, service or program, etc. which dictate and determine the outcomes people achieve.

As a new year starts, it’s important to bear in mind that we all have the same number of days and hours to live, work, enjoy and produce. The results you or any wellness provider experiences will come down to a few small variables that will create BIG differences. William Clement Stone is credited with this statement:

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it’s positive or negative”.

With this in mind, we wanted to share 10 Ways you can think, live and practice in 2020 that we believe will lead to a winning year for you.

Way #1: Think BIG!

Activate DNA Weight Loss founder and developer, Dr. Damon Walton, frequently reminds us that big thinking is FREE! It takes no more energy or time to think big rather than thinking small. If you never imagine and dream of something big, you will never achieve something big. We have observed that many are trained to think small and conservative in the health care professions. Maybe people (like parents, advisors, teachers, etc.) mean well, but don’t let them squelch your dreams. Don’t let fear get in your way. It should be uncomfortable when you think about how big you want your life and practice to be. So, go ahead and keep thinking big. Dream it. See it. Think it. It’s free!

Way #2: Control your destiny with your decisions.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”.

We make tens of thousands of decisions every day. Some are conscious. Others are unconscious. We believe that the “direction” we go each day – and therefore, in our life (destiny) begins with our decisions. The problem with many, many wellness providers is they get stuck. They suffer from “paralysis by analysis”. They try to “get ALL of their ducks in a row” before they will do anything. Sometimes, we’ve got to operate along the motto a mentor taught us early in our careers: Get MOST of your ducks in a row … and go! Don’t delay. Decide … and DO something! All decisions will not be right, but they will move you. Massive results require massive action. Massive action requires massive decision making.

Way #3: Know your values and line up your goals.

You must take time for this. It’s been shown too many times by too many high achievers that this is critical. Yet, so many providers we coach have still never given this sufficient attention. Goals must be congruent with your top values. If not, you will not likely hit the goals you set. If you do happen to hit them, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t be happy if they are not in line with what’s really most important to you. Take the time. Find someone qualified to walk you through this process this year.

Way #4: Pre-pare.

Notice the first part of that word is “PRE”. That means before; in advance. Remember this:

“Your preparation today determines your success tomorrow”.

This saying is worth posting in places you will routinely be reminded. Drill it into your mind! It’s so important to realize that the results we see, feel and observe in our lives right now are the result of preparation days, weeks, months or even years earlier. We point this out routinely in our coaching calls. Whether it’s great results we are celebrating or challenges we are battling, the answer usually lies in this principle. If a provider is having a down new patient month, they simply need to review their actions and accomplishments with marketing 2-3 months prior. Invariably, we can track a gap in action taken back then, and they are paying the price now. It’s always a tough lesson to learn. If you want success down the road, NOW is the time to prepare for that.

Way #5: Let your purpose drive your passion.

Too many people wait to be “struck” by something that excites them. THEN they think they can or will get passionate. No! That’s not how it works. You make a choice. You determine your purpose. Once you are aware of your purpose, then you must commit. Passion follows. Of course, passion is more likely to generate a winning performance. It’s fun to live and practice with passion!

Way #6: Self Correct.

Behavior and habits lead to success. Once we determine the end-point we want to attain, it’s usually fairly easy to see the behaviors that will be necessary. The required actions that must be consistently done (or not done) are pretty clear. The habits that must be shaped are evident. Typically, people know in their gut if certain habits and behaviors are contributing to or taking away from their success. Richard Flint, a speaker, author and motivator always says:

“Behavior never lies.”

In other words, it doesn’t matter what you SAY you will do, or “intend” to do. It all comes down to what do you really do day in and day out (habitually). As we start a new year, take time for a little self-evaluation. If you don’t like what you are getting, look closer at your habits and behaviors. Correct as needed. No matter how far along you are in your career or what level of success you attain, the discipline of “self-correction” is crucial.

Way #7: Tackle Tolerations.

To tolerate is defined in Webster’s dictionary this way: to endure or put up with. “Tolerations” are things we allow to exist at less than the desired level; un-wanted habits and results we allow to persist without properly addressing and/or resolving. A simple example is someone training for a marathon. They have a training regimen or steps they must take to complete that run as they wish. If their training gets sloppy or off track, there will likely be trouble on race day. If they miss a day or two of training one week, but get back on track quickly they should be fine. It’s when that happens over and over that their goal time may not be met. Or, they may not even finish the race at all. The same thing is true of some providers we coach. We set a “regimen” or practice building steps that should be done. They are measurable. We chunk down the steps (sort of like a runner chunks down their training into weekly and daily workouts so they peak on race day). If the doctor fails to take a step one week, it’s not too big of a deal. But, when he/she tolerates things not getting done week after week, their results are not what they thought they would be. Too many tolerations occur in wellness practices. We see them with marketing, staff management, patient compliance and many other areas. This year choose to eliminate the things you are tolerating and finish the race like you want to!

Way #8: Nurture your relationship with … you!

Sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? It’s really not. Until you understand, appreciate and love yourself, you really can’t serve and give to others optimally. As a provider, you will lead, counsel and care for others. You will give of yourself, and you cannot give away what you do not own. It’s a fast-paced, chaotic world. Not enough people build in the time or establish the habit of “getting quiet with themselves”, as some call it. Have a routine to start each day in a way that assures you quiet your mind and feed it positive, pre-determined information so you continually nurture it. The power of this habit is evident when one studies the super-achievers of our day and days gone by.

Way #9: Choose your pain wisely.

I realize this sounds sort of negative at first, so let me explain. A mentor we had early in our careers used to say:

“You’re either in the pain or in the pain”.

It’s a unique way of viewing the reality of the choices we get to make in virtually every area of life. For example, it’s uncomfortable and difficult to do the things necessary to get your doctorate or degree, isn’t it? It would also be uncomfortable and painful to not complete that process. You get to “choose the pain.” The same is true in practice building. Make no mistake: it’s not easy to build a business. In fact, it’s difficult, challenging, uncomfortable and down right “painful” in some ways. However, it’s also very uncomfortable, stressful and (according to those who have been there) MORE painful to sit in your office lonely and broke. You get to “choose the pain”. How about exercise? It’s “painful” to work out and stay in shape (time, sweat, soreness, etc.). Yet, it’s more painful if you don’t (feel bad, look bad, tight clothes, heart problems, stiffness, etc.). Again, choose your pain! This simple choice applies in situation after situation in life and practice. Choose your pain wisely so you end up with your desired end feeling.

Way #10: Keep bathing in the principles.

Chances are you have heard many of these “Ways to Win” before. The key is to KEEP hearing them … and applying them. I recall Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker, explaining this concept. Using his unique style, he asked the audience if they had ever taken a bath? Of course, we had! Then, Zig asked if we just did that one time. No! We do it almost daily. Sometimes more than that. We want to KEEP clean. The same goes for brushing our teeth. We do it a few times per day to KEEP them clean and healthy. We know we must KEEP eating well and KEEP working out to stay fit. The same is true of these simple “Ways to Win”. Keep “bathing” in them this year. Bear in mind the ol’ saying:

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts”.

There’s a lot of truth in that. Your mind WILL be bathed in something. Will it be the stinking thinking, fear-based limited ways of much of the world? Or, will it be winning principles like these? Here’s the bottom line: This year CAN be great. It’s up to you. Choose to win!

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