“A Little Walton Wisdom”

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Dr. Damon Walton, Activate DNA Weight Loss Founder

“A Little Walton Wisdom”

The message below is copied from an email written a while back by Activate DNA Weight Loss founder, Dr. Damon Walton. He had sent it to a young doctor – a professional just like many who read this blog. The doctor was a business associate doing some really great things in practice, but kept getting stuck, frustrated, and impatient about his growth at the time. Sound familiar? We have changed the name to protect the doctor’s privacy, but the message is the same. It’s timeless and definitely a message many young (and not so young) healthcare providers can benefit from hearing. Thanks Dr. Walton!

Here’s the email …

“Dr. Allgood,

Let me tell you what is most important to me … because what is most important to me should also be most important to you. My concern is that I continue to see real ebb and flow in your happiness and your level of fulfillment with this position. 

You have done an outstanding job in so many facets. However, you still internally seem to want to fight the lessons that must be learned. Those are the hard lessons, the lessons that stop 80% of all people from realizing true success in their lives. You can embrace them and make the change, or you can be an 80%’r.

The 50/50 Principle vs. the 80/20 Principle – Living Order80%’rs represent the ‘walking dead’ portion of humanity that is existing in every community. They exude the ‘Same Stuff – Different Day” attitude.

Fulfillment and happiness will only come from embracing and mastering change. Rewards follow greatness, and very few people in this world will truly do what it takes to be great. We put you on this team because we see that ability in you.

Which sounds best to you: The pain of change and expanding yourself? Or the pain of staying the same and continuing to have frustration and lack of a fulfilling opportunity?

Keep in mind that the 80%’rs live a life of mediocrity, lack of fulfillment, and never have the financial and emotional well-being that the minority get to achieve. I know that you may sometimes feel that “we don’t understand”… or “we don’t know what it’s like in the clinic” … or that we have not been in your position … etc.

All of those points are false. Business is business. And, we know exactly what it feels like to be in your position. We are all well aware of the pain associated with having to make change within ourselves.

Unless you will embrace the pain of change, you will continue to have the pain of results that are not optimal for you. Dr. Bart and I are committed to being better at the leadership and management portion from our position. However, only you and your team can make the true change in that clinic from day to day.

It all starts with your plan, your prioritization, and then following through with the appropriate actions. You and your team must do this and hold those key times we discussed as “sacred”. If you will make those changes, then we will see a clinic that grows. From that position, other opportunities will arise.

All the best,

Dr. Damon”

(End of copied email)

Wow! Those are great words for ANY of us to read, ponder and ACT upon! Three key points we suggest you pull from it:

  1. Do NOT think like (or be) an 80%r!
  2. Keep in mind that “reward follows greatness”. Focus first on being great!
  3. Choose the discomfort of change … not sameness!

Thanks again Dr. Damon!

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