About us

Activate DNA Weight Loss was created with one mission:

To help patients and doctors work together to create a healthier world.

We’ve combined exhaustive data, modern technology, and human support to build a program that is both profitable for doctors and life-changing for patients.

We’re here to build something that lasts

Activate DNA Weight Loss is an alternative solution to blanket wellness programs. We help those who need it most while increasing profits for doctors without sacrificing quality or financially crippling patients.

What Activate DNA Weight Loss is NOT:

– Another “shiny bullet”, quick buck, or “fad” business approach for doctors that blows smoke and doesn’t do anything but risk your practice’s reputation and hurt your patients.

– A multi-level or “network” marketing business.

What Activate DNA Weight Loss IS:

– An expanded, profitable model of care for doctors.

– A valuable and much needed ancillary service that helps people build better lives.

Meet the Team

behind Activate DNA Weight Loss

Dr. Damon Walton

Founder & Developer

Dr. Brandon Pettke

Clinical Consulting

Dr. Bart Anderson

Strategy & Growth

Carrie Puhalla


Dr. David Neubauer


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