Are YOU Doing Things ‘Lone Ranger’ Style?

Are YOU Doing Things ‘Lone Ranger’ Style?

Hey! We’re pretty young at heart, but fully realize that many who read this have never even heard of The Lone Ranger. So, just to fill you in, The Lone Ranger (seen in the picture above) was a fictional character back in the days radio and then early TV who fought bandits and outlaws back in the “old west” days. The name came from the fact that he was the lone survivor among his posse of Texas Ranger comrades who had all been killed in an ambush by the “bad guys”. So, other than some help from a Native American friend named Tonto, he was functioning all on his own as he fights for justice.

Okay, enough trivia and updating. Let’s get to the message for the week …

In the Activate Metabolic culture, we teach, train and coach on what we refer to as the 6 Key Areas of Business Development. They are Leadership, Management, Lead Generation, Client Conversion, Client Fulfillment, and Money. Paying attention to each of these areas and working to “master” them to the best of your ability is essential for a healthy and balanced business – no matter what type of business that is.

Management, we believe, is one of the top two most important skills when developing a successful practice (healthcare related business). If Leadership is self-mastery, then management is mastery of our business and team. It is not just barking out orders either! Rather, it is first conveying the vision of the leader (you!) and achieving “buy in” from the whole team by painting a compelling picture. A picture they want to participate in and dedicate their time and energy to.

The other key aspect of management is the development, growth, and sustainability of your business SYSTEMS. Lead Generation, Patient Conversion, Patient Fulfillment, and Money are all areas that flourish with well managed systems in place. A system is a set of guidelines that helps steer our decisions and choices. It works in virtually every situation. A system works, but only as well as our team is versed in its language and procedure.

If you are like us (Dr. Damon and Dr. Bart), you have probably witnessed great managers and poor ones. We have launched and managed dozens and dozens of practices over our 52+ years of combined practice and business ownership. Believe it or not, we are still finding ways to improve our management skills.

One of the earliest lessons we learned was that WE need not “do it all”. The “The Lone Ranger” approach of fighting all the battles and attempting to slay all the tasks on your own is ineffective, inefficient and exhausting! If you are focusing on ALL the little things AND all the BIG ones, it is our guess that is you are struggling to grow and expand. By that we mean you may be stagnant, stalled and/or stupefied as it relates to moving virtually any statistic forward … including your personal take home earnings!

The Lone Ranger approach is ultra-common in health care. Doctors and other providers are working harder and harder, yet earning less and less. They work more and more. Put in longer and longer days. They keep beating their head against the wall waiting for some magical breakthrough.

News Flash! It ain’t gonna happen in the Lone Ranger approach!

At some point, as a business (practice) owner you MUST listen and apply that very common phrase:

Many people think that great managers are extra-ordinarily gifted individuals – or someone who graduated at the top of their class in some business field in college. This is most often not the case when it comes to success in a health facility climate. The truth is great management is a skill. Fortunately, skills can be learned.

Management is the ability to find other good people and place them in leadership positions. Are you feeling stuck and unable to expand? Let’s talk specifically about adding the desperately needed service of clinical weight loss. Maybe you agree with us that ALL practices TALKING about wellness or DESIRING to help as many people as possible achieve a state of optimal function MUST have an effective, science-based weight loss program?

If so, we encourage you to let us help you get crystal clear and define what positions you need to fill on your team. It’s sort of like a football team heading into the draft. What positions does your team need to be strengthened in? Who would be that ideal TEAM player for you to expand your services, your wellness model and your profits?

One positive and strong aspect of the Activate DNA Weight Loss program is that it is designed to be NON-DOCTOR DEPENDENT. Of course, you need to know what’s going on. Yes, you are doing over-sight. But the day in and day out implementation of our unique system should NOT be dependent on Y-O-U. WE train and coach your team to provide this much needed service in your clinic. YOU manage the team, the processes … and the profits.

There’s an old saying in business … “Success leaves clues”.

We suggest you pursue an investigation of learning the habits and actions of great managers. Seek out and pay attention to the clues! When it comes to having a system to successfully and effectively inject clinical weight loss to your practice: Do NOT try the Lone Ranger approach!

The Activate DNA Weight Loss support team is here to provide you more than just a great clinical based weight loss program. Yes, we use science like GENETIC TESTING. Yes, we have dozens and dozens of clinics using our system and have had thousands of clients benefit from our program. Now, we are poised and prepared to help more providers get out of The Lone Ranger mode!

Let us help you delegate and manage your team in the beginning then hire the right team player when things grow, and it is appropriate. Let us train and coach them. Let us help you develop and share the vision you have for your clinic, where you are going and what their role is.

Management is about people and great management is the ability and art of taking your team on your journey. Giddy Up! Let’s do this!

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