In this piece we want to touch on TIMING … and how it plays into the business of weight loss. Most businesses have what is referred to as “buying seasons”. These are times when an industry or business sector tends to naturally draw more attention and focus from its target market. As a result, numbers and sales will generally peak during these times. The weight loss industry is no different!

Observation and buying trends in America clearly demonstrate that “Back to School” is a time of people getting back into a pattern and, for many, a re-focus on themselves. They have ran crazy during the summer months, vacationed and spent time with kids. Now, the kids are off to school!

There is NO doubt that many patients in your practice and tons of people in your community are aiming to lose weight during this time! So, here is a simple question:

What are you doing to help them?

The Back to School season is, indeed, a time of year that people are MORE focused on weight loss. People want to move toward wellness. If you are like most doctors, you want to help. Furthermore, if you are like most doctors, you want to earn more income as you do that! Are we on track here?

Attached are a couple of simple tools or strategies that doctors in our program use for a TIMELY message to generate more weight loss business this time of year. One is a sample of a flier we suggest doctors post IN office. It serves to “remind” patients of the excellent program made available to them. It speaks to the TIMING and it’s an easy tool to use as a “talking point” for doctors as they care for and educate their patients.

The other tool is just a brief video done by Dr. Bart Anderson. He is a part of The Activate DNA Weight Loss leadership team. But, he also has 3 weight loss centers himself. This video is a short, simple message he posted to connect with his patients and Facebook followers. It connects the WHY, the TIMING and a SOLUTION for folks.

Take a look at these simple strategies – and know there are A LOT more where these came from. We have a seasoned expert in the weight loss marketing arena on our team. Phil Grom has coached hundreds of doctors and weight loss center directors over the course of decades. If you decide to join the Activate DNA Weight Loss family, he will coach you, too!

Are you ready to add weight loss to your practice? If so, we should talk! We have the science, the strategies and the support you need to implement a TURN-KEY weight loss system.

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