Challenging The Extent This Truth Is Practiced?

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Challenging The Extent This Truth Is Practiced?

Many Chiropractors have the ever-popular poster like the one above. You know, the one with the Hippocrates quote saying, “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease”. We had it in most of our clinics back in the day. Chances are you may have it, too. It really IS a powerful and, of course, we believe 100% in the truth of this! After all, who is going to debate Hippocrates on this?

What’s our point? We think this is a quote made by a well-recognized intellect that emphasizes the importance of what we do for HEALING and true HEALTH – not just limiting chiropractic to back and neck pain. Some Chiropractors like to lean on this quote in order to help people prioritize their spinal health. We totally agree with this. However, when we hear Chiropractors say things like …

  • “I only want to take care of the spine”.
  • “I specialize in the spine only”.
  • “I am a spinal care expert”.
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

… we understand what they mean. We used to say the same things. It was our attempt to remain focused … and to be sure that people knew that quality spinal care was our focus.

We all know the critical nature of spinal health. We know that “IF” a person is to function at 100% they indeed need a spine that is functioning at 100%. Nobody is going to argue that.

Yet, if doctors making such statements are NOT doing anything about the high percentage of their patients who are overweight and obese, are they really providing full spectrum and ideal spinal care?

It’s quite obvious (both from clinical observation, as well as clinical studies) that added weight and obesity create more wear and tear on the spine. Besides the common sense of it all, plenty of research studies demonstrate the correlation. In case you’re wondering if that’s true just do a simple search.

If we preach and teach about the stages or phases of SPINAL DEGENERATION, are we helping our patients avoid or ideally care for this condition if we provide them no solution for their weight challenges?

By the way, it’s not just the physical stress related to a person’s body hauling more pounds around every day. There are also postural effects and BIOMECHAMICAL alterations which ensue. Are we able to truly correct postural and biomechanical distortion if a patient remains overweight or obese?

And do not forget the chemical toxicity associated with obesity. Toxicity can absolutely affect joint and spinal health. In fact, the developer of our profession, BJ Palmer, routinely stated that thoughts, traumas and TOXINS are the cause of subluxation.

Doctor, if you are a specialist in spinal care and want to be the best at it, we want to challenge you to address THE very thing that is negatively affecting a very high percentage of your patients and communities. We know you want to stay focused. And we know many docs are too busy to even think about adding another service.

The truth is, the Activate DNA Weight Loss model is designed specifically so YOU (doctor) do not have to do much of the program or care at all. In fact, very little! Your staff or team should be able to drive this thing in your clinic. Our systems, training, tools and support allow that.

How great would it be to add a much-needed service, generate additional revenue, yet NOT pull YOU away from your focus?

Bottom line: Keep promoting and following the Hippocrates poster’s wisdom. “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease”. Serve your people (and their spines) on a whole other level. Take a load off their spines by helping them with healthy, effective weight loss and long-term control. Oh, and earn a nice ancillary income from doing so!

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