Event + Response = Outcome

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Hello! Today we have a very simple, straight forward message for those of you who may be waffling a bit … or wondering if adding services, expanding your business and growing is worth all the effort. The answer is very simple … YES!

In Jack Canfield’s wonderful book The Success Principles he introduces the formula in the image above: E + R = O. So, what does that mean?

Event + Response = Outcome.

In essence, it explains that we can NOT always control the events in our lives. But we CAN control our response to those events. Some people call this “The R Factor”.

The same formula holds true in any area of life … including our business. You will certainly experience challenges, distractions and setbacks. If success in business (especially health care) was easy, then everyone would blow it up!

Whatever endeavor you choose to undertake, we encourage you to commit to playing full out. Give it 100%! What do you have to lose? What is the sense of doing something if you are not going to give it your all? Know that at times you will likely fall short. But realize that if you are not failing on occasion you probably aren’t stretching enough!

“Failure” is simply a price we pay to achieve success. Why not just “Go for it” in life? Try it and see what happens. At the same time, be fully responsible for your actions, your business and your life. Be positively responsive to events, challenges and other things that happen. Take total responsibility for everything you be, do, and have.

We are focused and committed to helping our doctors and their teams learn, apply, teach and coach as many weight loss clients as possible. AS we do that, we help them control that “R-Factor” when needed!

We hope you will RESPOND to learn more about Activate DNA Weight Loss! Click or call today!