Follow the Numbers for Yourself!

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Follow the Numbers for Yourself!

Recently, our Activate DNA Weight Loss leadership team was discussing some numbers and possibilities. As the conversation went on, we began to “chicken scratch” out some things on paper about the growing weight loss needs of Americans, the reality of the numbers who could be served in a typical clinic and the possibilities for the providers who opt to provide a such a clinical based weight loss program. Follow these numbers … we think they will grab your attention!

Since several of our Activate DNA Weight Loss providers are Chiropractors we explored some resources and statistics specific to that profession. You may be a physician or other provider of a different type or specialty. If so, you can extrapolate the numbers we share below. Meanwhile, check out these facts and figures … and consider how they may apply to you, your practice and your income.

According to the “2018 Chiropractor Salary Survey” done by Chiropractic Economics magazine, the average D.C. attracts 8 new patients each week*. We realize that may be high for some and low for others, but this is the average. From our team’s many years of experience within chiropractic and launching and/or owning dozens of practices, this seems like a fair number to assume.

Next, let’s consider the numbers of American’s who are overweight and obese. Here are those statistics straight from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website**:

  • Percent of adults aged 20 and over with obesity: 39.8% (2015-2016)
  • Percent of adults aged 20 and over with overweight, including obesity: 71.6% (2015-2016)

In our team’s discussion, we began tying those numbers together. Follow along with us …

  • An average of 8 New Patients per week means around 32+/- new patients per month.
  • Using the CDC stats this would indicate that 71.6% of those 32 new patients are overweight or obese. That is 23 people per month who have a clinical indication to lose weight.
  • If a clinic had an effective weight loss program which was properly promoted, recommended or doctor prescribed to the point of seeing just of 1/3 of those 23 patients choose to enroll in the program, that would be around 8 participants per month.
  • Besides the fact that the provider would be helping those 8 people in a more thorough way (thus truly improving their overall wellness) what could 8 people per month doing The Activate DNA Weight Loss program mean to the average provider’s practice and income?

Well, the easiest way to consider this is to watch this brief video in which Dr. Bart Anderson, from the Activate Metabolic leadership team, shares some numbers. Here’s the link to watch that:

The numbers are there – both the average number of new people AND the number of overweight and obese people in your community who need help. The only thing that may be missing is you having a solution for them. Oh, and the financial benefit that comes with providing it!

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