Genetic Testing

Genetically Tailored Nutrition and Exercise

We use the latest advancements in genetic technology to determine two primary things to help unlock your patient’s health potential: how to best fuel their body with the appropriate foods and how to best move their body with the appropriate exercise.

That’s right we check your patients DNA! Just like we’re all different on the outside, we’re all very unique inside too! People differ in the way they process and assimilate different nutrients, how they store or absorb them and more. Until our clients know this, they are probably just guessing at ratios of proteins, fats and carbs they need. This report serves as our long term success manual for our clients.

Unlock the potential power of DNA

Individuals express great genetic variability in the way they process fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The proportion of these macronutrients in our daily diet plays a key role in maintaining healthy weight, optimal energy levels, and overall wellbeing.

A well-known clinical study was performed by one of America’s top universities, Stanford University. The purpose of the study was to determine if DNA testing was effective to assist in helping people to lose weight. When compared to other well-established and effective weight loss programs, those people that were on a meal plan that was specific to THEIR genetic profile lost 2.5X more weight than those that were not on an individualized plan. The science clearly speaks for itself, and it’s why we utilize genetic testing to identify the best plan for each client after Phase #2 of the program has been completed. This puts the CONTROL back in their hands! For the rest of their life, they’ll know how to eat to be as fit and healthy as possible. The test is completely painless and non-invasive, and an imperative part of their focused lifestyle change!

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