Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss:
The Science-Based Approach to
Weight Loss for Your Patients​

Transform your practice with Activate: the DNA-powered weight loss revolution that promises rapid, lasting results. Capitalize on the genetic key to unlock a new era of wellness and profit.

Top 5 Reasons Providers Love the Activate Program

Minimal Inventory or Product Required

Activate is predominantly digital, saving you the hassle of managing extensive inventory or products.


With Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss, healthcare providers can enjoy better margins and a more profitable venture by offering this program to patients.

Science-based approach

Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss leverages DNA science to personalize the program for each patient, ensuring an effective and tailored weight loss solution.


The Activate team provides comprehensive support from start to finish, offering training, resources, and marketing assistance to ensure your success


Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss offers superior outcomes, helping patients achieve their weight loss goals effectively.

Dive into the World of Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss

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Dr. Pam Stucky-LaGuardia
Eau Claire, WI
Dr. Adam Fink

Hutchinson, MN

Dr. Brandon Pettke

Burleson, TX

Dr. Pete Pfeffer
Alexandria, MN

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about Activate and see if it's right for your practice.

A genetic based weight loss that creates a turn-key solution for clinicians to help their patients lose weight and keep it off safely and effectively. By utilizing DNA testing, you literally are able to provide your clients with the LAST weight loss and health maintenance program they will ever need.

Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss utilizes a 4-faceted approach to help your patients lose weight and regain their health. With the right blend of science (DNA testing), strategic eating, supplementation and SUPPORT…we are able to help nearly every patient that walks thru the door to lose unhealthy weight and keep it off.

Having served over 20,000 weight loss clients, we’ve had patients needing to lose 15lbs all the way up to needing to lose nearly 300lbs have tremendous success. There is no limit to the amount of unhealthy weight that can be lost utilizing our DNA-Based program. That being said, it’s very common for patients to lose between 20-40lbs during the initial 6 week phase of the program.

Significant results are seen in the first week. Many patients will lose 5+ pounds in that initial week.

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