How Are You Controlling Your “R”?

Ctrl + R - Refresh - keyboard shortcut explained

How Are You Controlling Your “R”?

As we all know, hitting the “CONTROL” button along with the “R’ on a keyboard is used to “REFRESH” the contents of the current window. Ever wish we could just do that in life or in business?

Of course, that’s not really possible. In fact, it may not even be in our best interest. After all, we ultimately achieve our highest levels of growth, maturity, performance and results when we learn, adapt and respond to the various experiences, wins and losses of life.

In this blog, we want to re-connect about another “R” that needs “control”. Although it may not result in a complete “refresh”, we believe it will ultimately lead you to those peak experiences and results we all want.

It is obvious to everyone that America is currently in some very unique and trying times. Of course, as a result, many professionals and practices are also experiencing ultra-challenging times. We hope you, your family, your staff and your patients have all done well through the past few months.

In Jack Canfield’s wonderful book, The Success Principles, he introduces the formula in the image below.

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So, what does E + R = O mean? Very simple:

Event + Response = Outcome.

In essence, it explains that we can NOT always control the events in our lives (such as the COVID pandemic and all of the associated factors which may have challenged your business). But we CAN control our RESPONSE to those events. Some people call this “The R Factor”.

The “E + R = O” formula holds true in any area of life … especially your business. You will certainly experience challenges, distractions and setbacks. If success in business (especially in health care) was easy, then everyone would be an ultra-success. We all know this is not the case.

Recent times have created such a vast array of questions about the “business” of health care. Specifically, we are getting many, many inquiries about the busines aspects of a clinical based weight loss program. Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that (besides age) obesity has been named as one the TOP risk factor associated with COVID-19.

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A July 1, 2020 blog on is entitled “Obesity & COVID-19: Can Your Weight Alone Put You at Higher Risk?” and written by Katie McCallum. In that blog, it is stated “But, even if you feel healthy, just being heavily overweight can increase your risk of severe illness as well”.

She goes on to quote Dr. Kyle Stephens, weight loss surgeon at Houston Methodist, who said, “In fact, obesity is the number one risk factor for developing a severe case of COVID-19 in people under the age of 55,” warns Dr. Stephens. “People don’t always see obesity as abnormal, since it’s quite prevalent, but it’s important to know if your weight is putting you at risk for COVID-19, as well as other health conditions.”

Source after source – and expert after expert – has made this fact clear. Apparently, this has awakened some providers up to the fact that they really do need to RESPOND … and assure that they have a healthy, science-based weight loss solution for their patients and communities.

It’s apparent that the other reason many providers are connecting with us about our program right now is due to the rude awakening so many got with the realization that they were unable to generate revenue in a “remote” manner. In other words, many were unable to practice “in” their clinics face to face with patients. Without any real form of remote or tele-health-based services, this left them with no viable source of income … just waiting on things to re-open.

This radically affected many providers’ independence, stability and lifestyle. Oh, they may have gotten some “PPP” or SBA loan money, but the hole this pandemic has created in many practices (and lives) is real – and will have a long-lasting impact. That’s why many providers and practice owners are considering their “R” to such an “E”.

Are one who may now be expanding your thinking and realizing it’s time to “think out of the box” – and adapt your practice for future trying times?

Has the COVID craze served as a wake-up call regarding the need to diversify your business (practice)?

Are you wondering if adding services and expanding your service centers is a wise idea?

The answer is … YES!

The Activate DNA Weight Loss leadership team is focused and committed to helping our providers (and their teams) learn, apply, teach and coach as many weight loss clients as possible. Our program is NON-DOCTOR DEPENDENT – meaning our training and coaching system enables one of your staff to handle the high majority of your weight loss service center. As we do that, we help you control that “R-Factor” now … and in the future!

We hope you will RESPOND to this simple and straight forward message. These times make one thing clear: IT. IS. TIME!

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