Is Your Practice Wobbling?

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Is Your Practice Wobbling?

By definition, “wellness providers” typically like to influence their patients to think holistically; to be conscious about and focus on maximizing or balancing the various aspects of their being; being attentive to the physical, mental, social, spiritual, intellectual and even financial aspects of our lives.

If you are a wellness provider, it’s not too difficult to create a hit list of some keys or objectives within each of those categories that those you care for should pay attention to. When a person is achieving our best in each of those areas, that is when we consider ourselves healthy, whole, balanced and well.

A business is really no different. There are, indeed, key areas that must be paid attention to, nurtured and mastered “IF” a business is to achieve its ideal level of “health”. In the Activate DNA Weight Loss culture, we like to reference this way of thinking about our business wellness as “The Wheel of Business”. Picture the various areas as “spokes of a wheel” like this …

*The “NP” stands for New Patient.

As you might imagine (or have experienced) it’s not always easy to keep all these spokes straight and properly functioning. And, just like it happens to individuals, it is easy for a business owner or an entire organization to lose focus or take their eye off one or more these key areas of business.

When we pay attention to the various spokes and keep the wheel “balanced” the business rolls along nicely. When we forget about a spoke or fail to address any of them in a consistent and effective way, the wheel (aka our practice or business) wobbles, slows down and may ultimately blow the tire completely out!

One of the most efficient and effective ways to do avoid this is to do just as you might do for your patients. Create a hit list. Check it regularly. Then, tune the various spokes if/when needed.

In the upcoming weeks, we will touch briefly on these various spokes in the “Wheel of Business”. It is our goal to help you do something that we see many, many practices in need of: a “Wellness Check-Up” on your business.

Sound like something you or your business may benefit from? If so, stay tuned. If you REALLY sense the need and want to get to it quicker and in a more personalized manner, simply click or Call today and let us know you’d like to discuss The Strategic Clinic tune-up.