Limiting Mindset #3: “My Town”

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Limiting Mindset #3: “My Town”

This week we are moving forward with our short blog series touching on a number of ways doctors and other wellness professionals tend to have 9 DOT … in the box … or LIMITED thinking when it comes to business growth, expansion and health. Recall, that’s why we sometimes say that many doctor’s biggest challenge to building and managing their practice lies RIGHT BETWEEN THEIR EARS!

Thus far, we have shared the following:

  • Limiting Mind Set #1: “Tolerations”
  • Limiting Mindset #2: “It’s Not That Bad…YET”

This week we are touching on what is, unfortunately, a very common one – even among doctors and other providers who CLAIM to be focused on “WELLNESS”. Despite the radical and epidemic-like numbers of people struggling with obesity, many will make claims indicating that THEIR town wouldn’t likely support a clinical weight loss program.

The two most common things related to this are:

  • I’m not sure there would be enough DEMAND here.
  • My town is not growing or is LOW INCOME. These people probably couldn’t afford it

Have you said either of those? If so, let us share some EXPANDED thinking and reality. Do not let yourself slip into a limited way of thinking about YOUR town when it comes to having a professional clinical weight loss program in your practice. Here’s the reality on each of those statements above …

“I’m not sure there would be enough demand”.

The only way a person would say this is if they have had their head stuck in the sand when it comes to overweight and obesity numbers (now pushing 2 out of 3 Americans)… or the number of American who are on a weight loss diet at ANY given time (according to the Boston Medical website an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year). I think if you would pause, look around and consider these realities it’s safe to say that many, many people in your city fall in that 2/3 group and thus are a part of the 45 million who try to change that.

They DO want and need a real solution. In fact, Americans (including those in your town) want that SO bad that they were expected to invest $75 Billion into that effort in 2022* according to a March 10, 2022 article on These few statistics alone should quickly clear the question about “demand”.

“My town is not growing or is low income. People probably couldn’t afford it”.

There is no doubt that many American cities have been significantly affected in recent times. We see this all the time in the news. It is real. However, what else is real is the fact that most people WILL find a way to pay for things that they really want and need. Perhaps the easiest way to show that is the example of people figuring out a way to get their families to Disney!

A September 16, 2022 article on stated, “The average cost of a Disney World vacation can vary but expect to spend between $4,000.00-$7,500.00 including hotel accommodations for a week, 4 day park tickets (not including park hopper), and food. Transportation and extra spending will vary”.

Despite this fact 20 million Americans will make the costly trek to Disney. Why? Because it’s “magical”, right? No! It’s not magical, but people somehow perceive enough VALUE in such a trip that they do something crazy … they FIND A WAY! People in your town go to Disney. Guaranteed.

These articles point out how the vast majority of Americans FIND A WAY to pay for vacation. “With little extra money to spare, many end up turning to credit cards to finance a getaway. Seventy-four percent of people LearnVest surveyed have gone into debt to pay for a trip, putting an average of $1,108 on plastic”. 

So, point #1 on this limited thinking that people in your town won’t pay for weight loss is this:

IF it’s shown to be important enough, valuable enough and successful enough,

they WILL find a way.

One simple way to demonstrate that this line of thinking is inaccurate is to simply share an example. One of our Activate doctors weight loss clinics is in a town whose average median household income is just $37,299. That’s low! Yet, this doctor averages nearly 30 new weight loss client start-ups month in and month out at an average case fee of over $1,700. Do the math. That’s plenty of people in that “low income city” to make it MORE than worthwhile! It can happen in your town, too!

We believe every city needs a program like the Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss program. We are focusing on making that happen one city at a time. As we do that, we see plenty of community members in EVERY town we are in who value the program enough to invest in creating a focused lifestyle change for themselves. Just like with anything else: When people see VALUE … When they NEED it … When they WANT it … they WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!

It is our sincere hope that by sharing these limitations of thought, it may help you do what dozens of other providers have done: Expand YOUR thinking about business – specifically regarding the possibilities associated with a comprehensive weight loss program in your practice! Eliminate Limiting Mind Sets and SUCCEED more than ever in YOUR business this year!

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