Limiting Mindset #5: “I’ve Tried That Once Before.”

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Limiting Mindset #5: “I’ve Tried That Once Before.”

In this blog piece will move forward with our series about common ways doctors and wellness professionals tend to have 9 DOT … “in the box” … or LIMITED thinking when it comes to their business. These BETWEEN THE EARS challenges often prove to be THE limiting factors to building and managing a practice. So far, we have touched on the following “Limiting Mindsets” …

  • #1: “Tolerations
  • #2: “It’s Not That Bad…YET” or “Nothing Has Happened…YET!”
  • #3: “It’s My town.
  • #4: “It’s just not my practice style.”

Here we will hit on a mindset that routinely limits providers specifically when it comes to the topic of clinical weight loss. It is not un-common for us to hear the phrase “I’ve tried other programs in my clinic, and it didn’t work”.

If you happen to be one of the many, many doctors or wellness providers who say or think this about a previous program or your personal experience with weight loss, please allow us to ask you some questions about it.

Was it a professionally developed and proven program? OR (as so often happens) was it one you developed yourself?

If it was your own program … did you truly have the tools in place (like we do) to effectively lead patients through it? Or, very importantly, to properly train and delegate it to your staff?

Did you have or develop effective strategies and tools to promote your program?

Did you have a professional looking and comprehensive manual about your program? How about professionally branded proprietary products to go along with that manual?

Did you have an app developed specific to the program which clients can input daily, correspond with their personal coach, have access to hundreds of recipes and get inspirational and educational messages?

Did you have science built into the program like genetic testing and computerized body composition analysis both of which serve to attract clients, as well as enable you and your staff to successfully monitor and coach clients to success?

If it was another program you invested in to implement into your practice, was it structured and designed to NOT be dependent on YOU? Or, was it yet another thing that was fully dependent on you to implement and oversee?

Did that other program have a qualified and experienced support team focused on your success including a seasoned weight loss specific marketing coach?

Was there an easy to navigate training dashboard in place full of all the systems, forms, marketing, etc. needed for your success?

Need we go on with more questions? We certainly could! ????

The point here is that many attempts wellness providers make to add weight loss are simply incomplete, un-professional or lacking the tools and strategies necessary to effectively promote the program, achieve notable success with clients or delegate it. As a result, the program typically flounders, flops, and eventually folds. Ugh!

We understand why that may leave a “sour taste in your mouth” about having a weight loss program in your clinic. Yet, assuming your patient base and community is a typical representation of our country as a whole, 38% of those folks are clinically OBESE. 72% of the adults and 40% of the children are OVERWEIGHT.

So, we’re just going to be blunt here: the people in your practice and community who fit into those categories NEED help! They deserve help. They will invest in help. So, perhaps you owe it to them to dig deeper, to explore another solution that has all of those things we asked above in place and ready to help you help them!

Just because one program fell short does NOT mean that weight loss does not have a place in your practice. It certainly indicates the need to try something different. Like the old saying goes we must “Try, try again”! Or as Tennis legend Billy Jean King puts it:

“Champions keep playing until they get it right”

If you know you “should” have a weight loss solution for your patients and community, but remain soured by a previous attempt we can help.

If you want to expand your service and thus your income, we can help.

Don’t let past failures limit your future success.

This applies to weight loss as well as business and LIFE in general! Click or call and allow us to share how your FUTURE SUCCESS can be positively impacted by the Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss Program! Go to or contact us at 440-253-9422.