OK, 2020. What’s Next?

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Hello Doctor! Wow! It has been a crazy 2020! We hope you are doing well in practice … and in life! In this blog, we want to start by asking you a few questions.

First, what do you have in place that has the potential to help your practice bounce back (if needed) and even radically grow your income in 2021?

It is our belief that we need to be growing every year in each aspect of our life. We can’t just stay the same in any area – especially after this year! When we coast with our income, we actually lose ground as inflation, the cost of doing business, etc. always goes up. Here’s another question:

What do you have in place for your patients who are over-weight and/or obese?

Do you keep up with statistics related to obesity in the U.S.?

Are you, seriously, fully tuned in to these stats?

Here are just a few … straight from the CDC website:

  • Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are obese: 35.1% 
  • Percent of adults age 20 years and over who are overweight, including obesity: 69.0% (Now over 70%)
  • Percent of adolescents age 12-19 years who are obese: 20.6% (the trend is NOT going away as the kids age!) 

And have you read anything about the “COVID-15” phenomena? Not “19” but 15 … It’s that reality that many Americans gained a measurable amount of weight – similar to what happens when a kid goes off to college and radically changes his/her lifestyle. They call that the “Freshman-15”. Of course, the effect this year is a result of the stress, lock-downs, gyms closing, binge watching, poor eating, etc. etc. etc. associated with 2020. The challenge is REAL!

We all see overweight and obese people all around us. We have friends, relatives and patients who struggle with their weight. But, as a “wellness provider” do we have a way to really help them? More so, do we have a legit way to earn more income from doing so? Well, the doctors using The Activate DNA Weight Loss Program do! Honestly, for years most of us did not. 

Would you believe us if we told you that marketing for weight loss clients is often WAY easier than scrambling for more new chiropractic patients? That sucks, and we wish it weren’t so … but it is definitely the case. The fact is this: people know they are overweight and they know they need a solution. There’s no covering up fat … like people routinely cover up their pain!

Maybe the best thing is that “health” insurance doesn’t really pay for people to fix being overweight … at least not until it comes to something radical like bariatric surgery! Most people do not even expect weight loss to be covered. As providers, we know the serious ramifications of obesity. For some reason, this is often not enough to motivate people to change.

Yet, because being overweight or obese is visible, tangible and easy to measure (as opposed to “wellness”) people are typically willing to pay out of pocket for it. Much different than most healthcare providers are used to!

From just these few questions and points we’ve made here; you can probably see why we have structured an effective clinical protocol and set of business systems to address the obesity epidemic. Long story short: we knew for a long time that we wanted (and needed) to have some form of effective and profitable weight loss program in our clinic(s).

Our program is designed to all take place in one room. The doctors typically only do the initial consult and (maybe) one other. The primarily do oversight and monitor cases as needed. Weight loss clients have amazing results! Some of the result videos, etc. you can see on our website and various Activate doctor’s Facebook pages. It’s quite amazing to be honest!

Dozens and dozens of doctors have successfully implemented the Activate model into their practices. From experience, however, we know the very reasons why many other doctors (maybe YOU) do not have a program like this in their clinic:

– They are concerned they won’t have TIME to do it.

– They don’t feel they have enough EDUCATION (i.e. they are not a “nutritionist” or weight loss expert).

– They are concerned about some large start-up INVESTMENT.

– And a few other common reasons. Again, we can relate … because most of our Activate doctors had all of the same concerns.

Be sure to know: there is NO large start-up fee and we have systems and solutions in place for each of the other standard reasons for delay on this!

Once doctors simply open up their minds, learn a little and think outside of their existing patterns, they are able to EXPAND & IMPLEMENT the Activate DNA Weight Loss Program. They do it for their patients … for their business … and for themselves!

The Activate model is NOT doctor dependent (which we love!). Our leadership and support team effectively trains and coaches your staff/assistants to handle most of the day-to-day work.

And please know: Activate is NOT a franchise and certainly NOT some form of multi-level marketing BS. That’s not our style! 

This is fun work. It is in HIGH demand. It is highly rewarding. It is non-insurance dependent. It is low over-head. It is profitable. And we are on the grow! How ’bout you?

If the idea of clinical weight loss generates any interest at all, that’s great! Please reach out and learn more. If not, that’s fine too. There’s no pressure; only possibilities!

To learn more about the Activate DNA Weight Loss Program just CLICK OR CALL!