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Dr. Damon Walton
Founder & Developer

All-Natural supplements designed to help your patients succeed

Every supplement Activate DNA Weight Loss provides has been meticulously tested and selected based on its natural properties and quality.

Our formulas help ensure the greatest results for your patients, as quickly and naturally as possible.

“I’ve worked with hundreds of chiropractic doctors across the past two decades and have been involved with dozens of clinic sales and acquisitions. These supplements are the result of careful research and years of collaboration with other doctors.”

Activate Energy

While your patients are transitioning into their fat-burning mode, it’s important to help them have healthy energy to protect against cravings and help establish critical health habits early on. Studies have shown the effectiveness of B12 (found in Activate Energy) to boost immunity, energy, and many other important factors.

Activate Vitality

Even when your patients eat “right”, their diet is often lacking in the essential nutrients their bodies need to function optimally. Activate Vitality is a whole food supplement that provides balanced nutrition to your patients during the program.

Activate Weight Loss

Activate Weight Loss contains time-tested ingredients for the promotion of appetite control, blood sugar management, and immunity for a more complete approach.

*Taking the ingredients in Activate Weight loss alone will not result in weight-loss or improvement in body composition. This product is intended to be taken as a supportive product as part of your clinically supervised program with your patients.

Activate Detox

Every weight management program should include a detoxification component. Many toxins are actually stored in fat. As that fat is released, the toxins that have been deposited in it will be released into the bloodstream.

We incorporate the Activate Detox into the program to give patient’s bodies extra support in handling toxins as they lose unhealthy fat.

*In some instances, your patient’s bodies may not be able to handle the toxins, causing symptoms.

Activate Digestion

As doctors, we all know that good health begins in the ‘gut’, and that probiotics are an essential tool towards achieving optimal digestive health. Activate Digestion can lead the way to a stronger immune system and efficient weight management in your patients.



We provide these supplements to assist in the program — not to be the focus. Activate DNA Weight Loss is a multifaceted program. Our intentions are not to keep selling supplements to your patients indefinitely; these are strictly to help provide a smooth lifestyle transition. Once your patient is has adjusted to their new lifestyle, it’s okay to remove these supplements from their diet.


After conducting our initial testing phase, we recommend specific dosage of each supplement for your patients. 

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