The 4S’ of the Activate DNA Weight Loss Program S #1

S #1

Our doctors and their teams have walked thousands of clients successfully through the Activate Metabolic Program. As a result of all of this, our doctors routinely get asked about the program in their clinics – or even when they are out and about. Likewise, our Activate leadership team gets many questions from providers who have heard about our program. Maybe YOU have read, watched videos, seen pictures or in some other way asked questions like this:

“What the heck are they doing to achieve such great clinical results?”

“What is this Activate DNA Weight Loss Program really all about?”

Of course, we love such questions and are always excited to share about the program. We work hard to train and apply the “K.I.S.S. Principle” … meaning “Keep It Super Simple”. So, here is the FIRST of what we like to call The 4 S’s …

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The Activate program puts SCIENCE into play! We use Testing and Technology right from Day 1 with our computerized BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS which enables us to better understand our clients’ bodies. What really makes up their current weight?

As practitioners, let’s measure actual fat, muscle and water weights and percentages. Let’s understand and be aware of their visceral fat rating. Let’s set logical and healthy individual goals – not go from an outdated or inaccurate “height-weight chart”.

It’s important to be informed as clients lose weight. How much fat could they safely and sensibly shed? What about muscle? Are we watching to assure that is not what’s being lost? Some people have more muscle mass and that makes the scale read heavier than another with much lesser muscle mass but who may be the same height and general size as their friend.

(Side note this frustrates a lot of people if they don’t know this!)

We also use GENETIC TESTING. That’s right we check their DNA! Just like we’re all different on the outside, we’re all very unique inside too!

People differ in the way they process and assimilate different macro-nutrients, how they store or absorb them and more. Until a person knows this, they are probably just guessing at ratios of proteins, fats and carbs they need. Our DNA report serves as our long-term success manual for our clients.

In addition, our report shows a client what their ideal fitness would be. How does their body best burn fat with fitness? Everyone is NOT the same!

Imagine the results YOU could provide your patients and community with scientific tools like this!

Science matters!

This is just ONE important “S” of the Activate DNA Weight Loss Program. Stay tuned for the next 3!

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