The 4S’ of the Activate DNA Weight Loss Program – S #2

The 4S’ of the Activate DNA Weight Loss Program

S #2

In the last short blog, we started to answer the questions we so commonly get like …

“What the heck are they doing to achieve such great clinical results?”

“What is this Activate DNA Weight Loss Program really all about?”

Last time we covered the “S #1” (Science). Let’s move on and hit the SECOND “S” …

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Specifically, here we are talking about “Strategic Eating”

What do we mean by this? It’s simple: this is NOT a diet! It’s eating very intentionally to create the change your patient wants and needs. It’s strategic. We tend to avoid the word “diet”. That word itself conjures up ill-feelings for most of our weight loss clients. By design “diets” tend to be temporary, short-term, quick fix and fad-like. As a wellness provider, you probably agree that most simply do not work – especially not long-term!

We want to see more of a lifestyle shift – to help clients think differently about their body, understand it better and engage in their unique DNA-based eating plan.

Don’t get us wrong though … The Activate Metabolic program is highly strategic right from the start to get the body to wake up and get into a “fat burning metabolism”. Right from the start, we support our weight loss clients implement a strategy focused on:

  • Reduced Calorie Eating
  • Low Glycemic Index Foods
  • Low Inflammatory Foods
  • Intermittent Fasting done right

We emphasize the fact that The Activate DNA Weight Loss program incorporates …

  • NO Shakes, NO Bars and NO Boxed Foods.
  • NO pre-packaged, fake meals.
  • NO shots and NO drugs.

Coupled with our proprietary nutritional supplementation and un-matched support (which includes the Activate App), when folks commit to our initial phases, the results are typically significant, quick and exciting! However, that short term jump start is NOT the end!

Then, our focus is to work to help our weight loss clients strategically shift gears and move away from the short term “diet” mentality. Help them stop the “Yo-Yo” approach and settle into a focused lifestyle change using their Individualized DNA Report in order to help them reach and SUSTAIN their goal weight.

Bottom line: We want our weight loss clients thinking long-term! Of course, that’s what they want, too! They have tried program after program … and have typically failed. That’s why they are asking us for help. To bring them a program able to provide positive and sustainable results requires STRATEGY.

Your patients and community would like to ask YOU for help, too! Do you have an organized and effective solution to share?

If you are ready to add the highly demanded (and needed) service of clinical weight loss to your practice and you’re the type of provider who prefers a program that is science based, STRATEGIC and well proven with a high profit potential, then you probably want more information about Activate DNA Weight Loss. If so, just CLICK or call for more information! Phone: 440-253-9422