The 4S’ of the Activate DNA Weight Loss Program S #4: Support

S #4: Support

In the last few blogs, we started to answer the questions we so commonly get like …

“What the heck are they doing to achieve such great clinical results?”

“What is this Lifetime Metabolic Program really all about?”

Last time we covered “S #3” (Supplementation). Let’s move on and hit the 4th and final Key “S”: Support.

Most weight loss clients we consult with will come right out and admit their biggest challenges or frustrations. They say things like …

  • “I know what I “should” do, I just really need help.”
  • “I feel overwhelmed with all of the information out there.”
  • “I need someone to hold me accountable.”
  • “My health conditions concern me or prevent me from losing weight.”

These and similar phrases are very common – and shared with us almost daily. It’s important for weight loss clients to realize THEY ARE NOT ALONE! That need for direction, oversight, accountability and a personalized, sensitive support system is very common. It just is what it is!

That’s why the Activate DNA Weight Loss program is strategically structured to fill this critical need. Most of our providers are able to designate an assistant which we refer to as the “Activate Director” (A.D.) to handle the majority of this role. Our program is NOT “Doctor Dependent” – meaning that the system can (and should) be provided without it gobbling up a bunch of the doctor’s time (or other providers such as NP, etc.).

Of course, as with any service made available in a clinic, the provider has the role of assuring it is clinically indicated for a patient then providing appropriate clinical oversight. It should be no surprise that qualifying factors for obesity are simple and there are very few contra-indications for healthy weight loss.

Our support model has always been effective – and, in fact, has evolved immensely. We implement daily communication in the beginning and most challenging phases with our weight loss clients. We intentionally take the opposite approach of other programs which may only have them check in to get started then clients are completely on their own for a time.

In many programs, people are even told to not check their weight for a couple weeks until they come back again. “Pay no attention to the scale” they say. As a result, weight loss clients have NO idea what’s happening with their body. They may go days with questions and needs not being addressed. We disagree with this approach!

Using our Activate App technolgy, we provide a simple and effective way for clients to track and share their day of the program, daily weight, measurements, hydration, ask questions as needed and do food journaling consistent with our program to assure they are getting the proper protein, fruits, vegetables and fats. Plus, the app automatically sends clients 90 days of educational and inspiring videos by the Activate leadership team and provides a literal library of foods and recipes congruent with the Activate program and principles we are teaching. It’s all done for our providers!

In addition, the app includes a “Doctor’s Dashboard” portion for in-office use. This enables all tracking to be documented providing an EHR of sorts. It, also, has built in prompts that will benefit your staff person (A.D.) which is overseeing the program within your clinic. They will know how clients are progressing with their weight loss, how they feel and what they may be struggling with. Of course, there are usually solutions if addressed right away! Questions clients have are handled easily and in real time – right when they need it … not weeks later.

This close communication goes hand in hand with consistent face-to-face visits in our centers. These visits are brief (15 minutes +/-) nd are done by the A.D. They get less frequent as clients successfully progress on their weight loss journey. Our model creates teamwork. Our clients should never feel alone. They LOVE that! And they succeed with it WAY more often than virtually any other weight loss program!

So, there you have it. The “4S” Pieces of the Activate DNA Weight Loss clinical weight loss program. The combined pieces of the puzzle that is helping thousands of people reach and maintain a healthy weight. Our goal is very simple: to take massive action towards the REAL EPIDEMIC IN AMERICA – OBESITY. Americans living in a way that is leading to metabolic syndrome and more illness and disease in our country than any time in history.

Do YOU have an effective, science-based program in YOUR clinic to appropriately help the mass number of your patients struggling with obesity?

Is it time for you to learn more about how these pieces of the puzzle may fit into your practice? If so, please CALL or CLICK to learn more. We will send you a 15-minute pre-recorded webinar that explains more. Then, if you want, we can arrange a convenient time to discuss the Activate DNA Weight Loss program in more detail. Until then, keep serving your patients and community in BIG ways! Phone: 440-253-9422