This COVID-19 Lock Down Has Many Providers Asking Some REAL Questions!

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This COVID-19 Lock Down Has Many Providers

Asking Some REAL Questions!

In this unique, stressful and concerning time of nation-wide shutdowns, most providers and clinic owners have many legit questions rolling through their heads. See if any of these sound familiar:

WHAT IF … I could have seen this crisis coming? How would I have prepared my business differently?

WHAT IF … I could be generating income for myself, my family and my staff during this lock down using a HIPAA client format to deliver a service that remains in high demand even during this lock down?

WHAT IF … I could be helping my patients and community right now with a condition (obesity) that is way more prevalent than the Corona Virus and has been shown to negatively impact immunity?

WHAT IF … There was a proven, science-based weight loss program that I could add to my practice right now?

WHAT IF … I could use this time wisely and come out on the other side of this crisis with my practice featuring an expanded model of wellness capable of serving more people in more ways?

WHAT IF … there are even more people struggling with their weight after this thing? (Side Note: with less activity, stress eating, etc. it’s widely recognized that there will be!) Will I be prepared for that opportunity and need? Will I be able to help them … and earn the added revenue for doing so?

WHAT IF … Something like this happens again? What will I do differently to be better prepared?

If you’re like most of the providers we are speaking to and helping through this crisis, you are probably asking yourself one or more of the same questions.

The WRONG thing to do is sulk and say “I shoulda, coulda, woulda”.

That does NO good!

The RIGHT thing to do is take ACTION. Here’s a few we suggest right now:

  • Be innovative and solution oriented. Use your time to expand your practice.
  • Get started and implement Tele-Health procedures.
  • Start serving and earning in a new way – before you even head back into the clinic.
  • As soon as this thing ends, promote your new (and timely) solution.
  • Be coachable so your practice is more stable, strong and prepared for the next crisis.
  • To do all that and more, simply check out Activate DNA Weight Loss.

Asking the right questions is good! Following good answers is even better!

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