To Create? Or To Be Created? That is the question!


To Create? Or To Be Created?

That is the question!

Michael Gerber is the author of The E-Myth – an amazing book in which the “E” stands for “entrepreneurial” and Gerber very creatively and accurately nails the errant thinking and false beliefs (myths) that entrepreneurs and business owners so often have. If you own your practice or wellness related business and you’ve not read it, we would suggest it hit your “books to read” list immediately. We will almost guarantee that his observations and principles will strike a chord, resonate and wake you up to some truths about how you are doing business.

Gerber said this …

“The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing”. 

Are you creating life actively … or being created by it?

Are you living fully or just existing?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word CREATE is defined this way:

To bring into existence; to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior; to produce through imaginative skill.

This life we are given … the profession we are in … the practices (businesses) we build SHOULD be a constant and never-ending creation. If we are to be creative, then don’t you agree that it makes sense to create the things we WANT? Things like happiness, peace, joy, great relationships, health, wellness, and success!

Creativity is squelched by our pattern thinking! We must break existing patterns of thought to step out of our “box” and foster new ideas, actions, strategies … and results! Below are a few ways to do that!

Designate TIME for creative thought.

  • Learning to work ON your business … not just IN it!
  • “Chunk and block” your time for maximum productivity.
  • Prioritize your creative work and time for development projects.

Understand and control your mind.

  • Study and apply the conscious/educated mind (thinking, understanding, knowing, explaining, reason, logic) as well as the sub-conscious/innate (concepts, ideas, creative, imagination).
  • For many in healthcare, they get so pre-occupied with others so much of the time that they never take care of themselves Switch it up and balance the “do, do, do” mind-set to building you, you, you!
  • Establish when you will be in “creative” mode.

Use strategies to foster creativity.

  • Quiet time and/or meditation, etc.
  • Journaling
  • Brainstorming sessions with your staff/team or other like-minded individuals.
  • Research time – assure you MAKE time to learn from other wellness providers and even other fields like business, marketing, advertising, etc.
  • Reading/resources outside your typical line of thinking (not just clinical stuff or healthcare related journals all the time).
  • Master-minding – with focused and intentional time to foster openness, post pone judgment, challenge the status quo, and piggy-back on ideas.

Why do we share this type of message today rather than providing more information about our GENETIC based weight loss program or the clinical indicators for weight loss?

Because virtually every doctor and/or wellness provider realizes the need for something like The Activate DNA Weight Loss program. Obesity and overweight conditions are all around us – including in your community and even right in your practice. Yet, for some reason, many providers continue to disregard this reality and never get around to expanding their practice to address it – even when there is our turn-key process all done and ready for them. Why is that?

We believe that in many cases, providers are simply in a pattern of thinking and doing things the same ol’ way day after day, week after week and year after year … just existing in their practice rather than creating it! Today our challenge to you is simple:

Actively create YOUR life and YOUR practice!

Refuse to be created BY it any longer!

Decide to live FULLY … Don’t JUST exist!

Ready to do that? Just Click or Call. We’re ready to help!