“What does the way I think have to do with my weight or my health?”

One thing we, at Activate DNA Weight Loss, do A LOT of (besides helping doctors effectively implement weight loss into their practice) is a bunch of business consulting or “coaching”. As we do this, we have some discussions that seem to crop up over and over and over. We recently had an interesting (and common) conversation with a doctor and wanted to share. Let’s admit it: owning, leading, marketing and managing a business is a very cumbersome task. Especially these days in the health care arena! There are ALWAYS ups-n-downs it seems. Yet, that’s exactly why we are committed to providing a good systematic and supportive approach to doctors in The Activate Weight Loss program. One thing we preach and teach to our family of doctors, their staff and even to their weight loss clients is mindset and getting tuned into their PURPOSE. Many doctors very easily and effectively lock into their “WHY” as we call it. That is their personal, meaningful and compelling reason to serve and live the way they do, to invest the effort, to grow and to succeed. These doctors identify their “why”, focus on it and relentlessly pursue it. At the same time, there are others in healthcare (and the world in general) who can’t quite seem to ever make their “why” BIG enough. There is always something more important, more stressful or let’s call it what it really is, easier than reaching and living at their full potential in practice … and in life. This group of professionals seem to stay “stuck in their stuff”. The good news is there IS help for these folks! That’s what we want to touch on here in this piece. Do YOU ever get in a funk when it comes to your practice, its growth and its profit? It’s okay if you say yes! Nearly all doctors do at times. The key is to hold tightly to some fundamental success principles. We must pay attention to where our energy and focus is being directed. Think about this statement…

“What You Think About You Bring About!”

This is one of THE greatest and most fundamental principles of a positive and productive mindset. In fact, it almost seems that nearly all psychological, personal change and self-improvement teaching is little more than commentary on this irrefutable “law”. So, what does it even mean? Here’s the deal. Whatever we allow to occupy our mind or we proactively feed INTO it is what tends to magnify in our life. Whether the subject of our thoughts is good or bad, the law works and the condition grows. Just the same, any subject that we keep OUT of our mind tends to diminish in our life. In other words, what we do NOT use atrophies. The truth is this can work FOR us … or AGAINST us. The more one thinks about their illness, the worse it becomes. The more we focus on our challenges and imperfections, the more evident they seem to be. On the other hand, the more we think of our self as a healthy, vibrant human BE-ing who is on a positive path toward success and prosperity in practice and life, the better the progress is … and the healthier and wealthier we tend to become. The more we focus on our grievances or injustices suffered, the more such trials seem to show up. And the more we think of the good fortune we have had in our life along with the many blessings we currently have, the more we seem to receive. Grasping the fact that this law is omnipresent, and realizing that we are in complete control of our thoughts is MORE critical to our success than any “secret” practice building strategy or that next fancy shiny silver object promising to grow business. There really is no magic formula for business success without a healthy and positive thought process. Our thoughts will not only affect, but will literally create the successes and failures in our life. That includes a practice, a weight loss center within it or any other business venture we may pursue. So, here is the final thought:

Will YOUR results be poor, average, good or great? The choice is yours!

Need some help growing and “positizing” your thoughts for an EXPANDED MODEL OF WELLNESS that includes a proven science based, turn-key and highly profitable weight loss business? Just click or call today to learn more! It’s what we do!