What the heck is this program all about? (4/4)

What the heck is this program all about?

(Part 4 of 4)

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The 4 Key “S” Pieces of the Activate Metabolic Puzzle

The 4th and final KEY S to share about in this piece is: Support

Most weight loss clients we consult with will come right out and admit their biggest challenges or frustrations. They say things like …

  • “I know what I SHOULD do, I just really need help”
  • “I feel overwhelmed with all of the information out there”
  • “Someone needs to hold me accountable”
  • “My health conditions concern me or prevent me from losing weight”.

These and similar phrases are very common – and shared with us almost daily. It is important for weight loss clients to realize THEY ARE NOT ALONE! That need for direction, oversight, accountability and a personalized, sensitive support system is very common. It just is what it is!

That’s why The Activate Metabolic Program is specifically structured to fill this need. Doctor oversight and close accountability by our awesome assistants (called Fat Loss Advocates) is indeed a key piece of the puzzle.

In fact, we implement daily text communication in the beginning and most challenging phases with our weight loss clients! We intentionally take the opposite approach of other programs which may only have them check in one day then clients are completely on their own. In some other programs, people are even told to not check their weight for a couple weeks until they come back again. “Pay no attention to the scale” they say. As a result, weight loss clients have NO idea what’s happening with their body. They may go days with questions and needs not being addressed. WE disagree with this approach!

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So, we actually insist that they share their weight, how they feel and what they may be struggling with (there are usually solutions if addressed right away!). Questions they may have are covered real time – right when they need it; not weeks later. “Weigh daily – Text daily” is our motto for the first phase.

That close text communication and consistent face-to-face visits in our centers gets less frequent as clients successfully proceed on their weight loss journey, but does carry on for the duration of our program. This model creates teamwork. Our clients should never feel alone. They LOVE that! And they succeed with it WAY more often than most any other weight loss program!

So, there you have it. The “4S” Pieces of the Activate Metabolic Program. The combined pieces of the puzzle that are helping thousands of people reach and maintain a healthy weight. Our goal here is very simple: to take massive action towards the over-weight and obesity epidemic that is leading to metabolic syndrome and more illness and disease in our country than any time in history.

Is it time for you to learn more about how these pieces of the puzzle may fit into your practice? If so, please click here to Learn More and we will arrange a convenient time to discuss it in more detail. Until then, keep serving your patients and community in BIG ways!