Direction … Not Perfection

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“Direction … Not Perfection”

In the business of weight loss (as with any other health care or service business) effective communication is essential! Here is a simple concept talking point our Activate Metabolic Program (AMP) providers often share with their clients. See if it may help you communicate to those you treat or coach about weight loss, too!

If you are currently working to (or desiring to) lose weight, chances are you may have struggled with something many of our weight loss clients share with us: the challenge of being “perfect”.

It happens frequently. People lose, lose and lose more weight. They are cruising along well. Then, for whatever reason, they experience a “curve ball”. Some special event comes up. A favorite dish is on the menu. They slip up a bit. They “cheat” on their plan.

Of course, this is typically followed by feeling of let down in themselves. Maybe it shows on the scale. They immediately feel like a flop or failure.

But, wait! They had done great for days and days! Maybe even weeks … or months! Yet, they let this one time of weakness … this one off day (or week) … get them down and throw them completely off course.

We believe it is important to keep the BIG picture in mind. Don’t let one glitch ruin the effort. Don’t expect perfection. It, seriously, never happens!

When a person is on a weight loss journey, we believe it is important that they continually celebrate the DIRECTION they are heading. Give themselves credit for making the decision to change. Focus on the positive progress – not the minor setback.

Of course, we always encourage our clients to stay on plan. We don’t want them to experience the challenge of getting back on course. At the same time, we routinely have to remind them that the path to healthy weight and wellness is never really a straight line. Rather than the path looking like this:

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Goal Weight

It is our observation that the weight loss journey typically looks more like this:

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Goal Weight

The truth is this: there will likely be ups and downs. Good days and bad days. Times that the process seems really easy and times it seems super difficult. So, do NOT expect perfection. Celebrate the direction!

If you are a doctor or health professional who is thinking about adding weight loss to your practice, we ask you to strongly consider AMP. We provide you a turn-key system and endless examples of effective communication strategies like this. If you are ready to get on course for a successful and profitable weight loss business within your practice, just click to learn more. We will get you headed in the right DIRECTION!