Part 2 About Type 2

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Part 2 About Type 2

In our last blog we shared some Type 2 Diabetes stats and figures from a couple of sources. Remember how these numbers and facts seem SO crazy and out of control? How could something so preventable be so common?

The problem is that most people just don’t understand the physiology of how fat (especially belly fat) causes this common condition to happen in the first place. Below is a snippet of a 2018 article from Columbia University Irving Medical Center entitled “Belly Fat Promotes Diabetes Under Orders from Liver”.

“The fat that builds up deep in the abdomen—more than any other type of body fat—raises the risk of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Researchers have known that abdominal fat becomes dangerous when it becomes inflamed but have had a hard time determining what causes the inflammation.

A new study at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) has revealed that at least one of the culprits for this mysterious inflammation comes from the liver. The researchers found that, in obese mice, the liver increases its production of an enzyme called DPP4. This enzyme travels through the blood stream to abdominal fat. Once inside fat tissue, DPP4 helps to activate inflammatory cells”.

So, obesity affects liver function … which ramps up the production of an enzyme … which then travels through the blood … and inflames belly fat! Wow! Just one more way that obesity impacts the WHOLE BODY and OVERALL WELLNESS!

We recently came across a short video that very simply explains WHY belly fat creates the effect it does … and leads to Type 2 Diabetes in many cases. We fully admit that this cartoon rendition is VERY basic. But most people aren’t ready for (or in need of) an in-depth scientific explanation. They need the basics! Just in case some of YOUR patients and community could use such a basic intro, we’re sharing it below.

Before you watch the video, here is the TRUTH …

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