Hey America! We Are (Unfortunately) #1 In…

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Hey America! We Are (Unfortunately) #1 In…

There is NO doubt: America is THE best country to live in! At Activate DNA Weight Loss, we feel strongly about that! We are blessed to live in a country with so much opportunity and such freedom. Make NO mistake about that. We all know that we rank #1 in the world in many, many categories. Most of those are good things … totally worth bragging about. But as you might expect not all #1 rankings are brag-worthy.

This week let’s step back a few years to see where our country stands as a whole when it comes to obesity. The resource below was found on a website called theconversation.com in an article that was posted December 26, 2017. The title was “Our fight with fat: Why is obesity getting worse”. We realize the resource is a few years old, but as we’ve routinely pointed out, these stats are getting NO better… especially after the COVID-19 lockdowns our country has dealt with this year. We can dig in and discuss more reasons “why” in later blog pieces, but what we wanted to do here is simply show one graphic that really speaks volumes. Check it out …

As a health and “wellness” provider, don’t you agree this is NOT a category we want to be leading in as a country?

We want our Activate DNA Weight Loss providers to always share a couple of important FACTS:

  1. It’s not necessarily all your fault. Our culture, the food industry and, in some ways, even our government has mis-lead many people right into a chronic state obesity! Being unaware and not having vital information (i.e. genetic based factors) have clearly caused challenges, disease and death for millions of Americans. This is NOT acceptable.
  2. There IS a solution. All combined, the clinics using the Activate DNA Weight Loss program for their patients have now served over 10,000 patients. The system is proven and available to you, your patients and community. We understand America’s obesity epidemic. Won’t you join us in our commitment to helping our great country NOT be ranked #1 in this particular category?

Bottom Line: This is a category we do NOT want to be the leader in. Surely, we all agree with that as wellness providers! Our challenge to you is this: Don’t just agree that this is sick, sad and unacceptable. Step up. Provide a solution. Let’s work to be on the BOTTOM of this stat! If you’re ready for that simply click or call!

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