Just give me the Highlights

We frequently get a straight forward request like this …

“Just give me the Highlights”

Well, here ya go! In this short piece we decided to simply share a few quick highlights about the weight loss program that dozens and dozens of doctors have injected into their existing clinics to help MORE people in MORE ways … and as a result earn MORE income. By the way, we work from the mindset and belief that it’s not JUST about profit. It’s all a matter of fair exchange. The MORE you serve, the MORE you are rewarded. Yet, you may need to good system which enables you to do that. So, check these HIGHLIGHTS out …

  • It’s called The Activate Metabolic Program and it has several key distinctions that separate it from other clinical weight loss programs you may see out there.
  • Oh, we have a VERY effective initial jump start phase that allows most clients to lose, 20, 30 even 40 pounds in the first 40, 50 or 60 days of our program. That’s exciting BUT then we follow it up with a science based LONG TERM plan that helps clients achieve a focused LIFESTYLE change. That’s where this next one comes into play …
  • We use Genetic Testing to determine individual plans for our weight loss clients. This serves as both an objective and “done-for-you” approach, as well as, a great sales point.
  • We have our own line of proprietary herbal supplements specific to our unique and science based approach.
  • This is NOT a multi-level marketing scheme and it is NOT a franchise model in which a doctor pays a percent of sales or profit, etc. Our providers invest a very reasonable flat monthly fee that covers all training, ongoing support, access to products and services, marketing coaching and resources and more!
  • This program is NOT doctor dependent … but IS doctor supervised (which we love!). We get the fact that you are probably busy! The Activate Corporate Support Team effectively trains and coaches your Fat Loss Advocate (FLA) who will majorly assist you and handle most of the day-to-day work.

If you are ready to add a highly demanded service that is science based and well proven with a high profit potential, then you may want MORE than just highlights. If so, click here to Learn More and let’s connect soon!