The 4S’ of the Activate DNA Weight Loss Program S #3: Supplementation

S #3: Supplementation

In the last short blog, we continued to answer the questions we so commonly get like …

“What the heck are they doing to achieve such great clinical results?”

“What is this Activate DNA Weight Loss Program really all about?”

In this brief piece, we will touch on the 3rd Key “S” of our program: Supplementation.

Most people’s bodies and lifestyle patterns can benefit from assistance in the initial phase of a strategic weight loss plan – especially if they really want to get a good, effective jump start.

We strive to assure our clients get through those early, challenging times and have nutritional products that can naturally assist with:

  • Controlling Hunger & Cravings
  • Stabilizing Blood Sugar
  • Detoxification
  • Energy & Limiting Lethargic Feelings
  • Intestinal Health
  • Sufficient & Ideal Nutrient Intake

Our products have proven to be safe and effective again and again with thousands of clients who have successfully gone through the Activate DNA Weight Loss clinical weight loss program.

The easiest way to show you the products we use is to share a page right from the manual we share with our clients….

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As stated previously, we have found that supplementation is critical early on. However, this piece of the Activate DNA Weight Loss puzzle is one we emphasize should typically be short term. We do not want our weight loss clients “dependent” on any product – not even our own!

Our goal is to use SCIENCE (i.e. Genetic Testing) to determine the ideal eating program for each individual. When they eat consistent with their recommended science-based plan, the need for ongoing supplementation goes down. Obviously, each person is different. Some DO need specific products longer term, but we do not consider our program a “supplement-based” or high product sales dependent model.

Importantly, our branded products are proprietary, proven formulas with all-natural ingredients. All are manufactured in FDA approved facilities with the GMP stamp of approval.

The Activate program uses NO drugs, NO shots and NO hormones. Our clients will never have to buy a special brand of shakes, bars or boxed food in our program! They eat REAL FOOD … from the start … all through their program. We believe this is crucial for long-term success.

THINK ABOUT IT: If a client is required to purchase and rely on special products (i.e. shakes, bars, pre-packaged foods, etc.) while in a weight loss program, what happens when their program is complete? What if they have not learned how to eat REAL foods in the REAL world?

Chances are, when a client can no longer get those “special” products, they will do what we call “GOING NATIVE”. They will revert back to foods they used to eat … and, no surprise, will end up with the same result they had before the program (overweight, obesity, etc.) We believe an approach which is not based on real food contributes to the yo-yo dieting affect for many people.

Besides, the idea of investing in, storing and handling a large inventory of special products is not real attractive for most providers. You didn’t go to school to run a vitamin store! We always suggest you keep it simple and use products sparingly as needed.

Want to learn more about the supplements we use or the Activate DNA Weight Loss program in general? just CLICK or call for more information. That will get us connected. Sometimes just TALKING about this awesome program and opportunity is the easiest way for providers to learn! Phone: 440-253-9422