Value, Cost and Investment

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Value, Cost and Investment

An important skill set for providers to develop and apply is creating VALUE in the services they provide. Systems, branding and proven results all play a part in this, of course. Another factor we find crucial when it comes to leading others toward wellness (and specifically promoting weight loss) is helping patients and potential clients think accurately. In this short blog, we’re touching on the difference between terms like “cost” and “investment” … specifically as it relates to weight loss.

In a separate blog we do for all Activate DNA Weight Loss clinics, we have recently been sharing about common traits we observe in weight loss clients who excel in the Activate program. We wanted to share this message because we know many providers can use this distinction – no matter which services you provide. Hopefully, this helps you better share, lead and educate others.

Patients who excel in our program come in ready to make an investment in themselves. They have realized the COST of being overweight or obese. Those costs typically rack up in many ways:

  • Discomfort
  • Frustration
  • Inability to do some activities
  • Low energy
  • Missed experiences
  • Affected relationships
  • Lost opportunities
  • Medical bills
  • Prescriptions
  • … And the list goes on and on.

These are the COSTS many of your patients and community members are experiencing. At some point, those accumulating and persistent COSTS will hit a threshold and cause a person to say:

“Enough is enough! I must change. I want to live differently.

I am worth it. I’m going to INVEST in ME”.

It happens in the lives of thousands and thousands of Americans every day. The question is this: WHEN this happens with those YOU influence will you have a solid and sensible solution for them?

When we use the word investment, we are not merely talking about money. It truly takes much more than that. Successful weight loss (and wellness in general) also requires a shift of mind-set and an investment of time, energy, effort and focus.

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A focused lifestyle change that is significant enough to create lasting weight loss requires decision, commitment and (let’s face it) some sacrifice. An IN-vestment is likely needed to learn new ways of thinking, eating and living. Participants will likely need to make time and effort to shop different, prep food in new ways, add some activity and maybe even some appointments with a coach at a clinic like yours. When patients feel they have No time for any of this, it is a dangerous mindset! It’s up to you and your team to help create value and change.

If we do shift to the financial investment aspect, the first truth is this:

Many people simply can’t afford to NOT invest in a solution for their weight challenge.

It has gotten to that point. As a provider, you probably know this … but we find many providers tend to bury their head in the sand on this matter. They don’t pay much more attention than lay people do! The ramifications and astronomical COSTS associated with living overweight or obese far outweigh the INVESTMENT required to make an effective change. The COSTS related to weight issues in our country are staggering. Check out these alarming stats:

  • A 2010 report on “The Medical Care Costs of Obesity from the National Bureau of Economic Research stated that the per capita medical spending is $2,741 higher for people with obesity than for normal weight individuals.
  • Nearly 21 percent of medical costs in the U.S. can be attributed to obesity. The Annual health costs related to obesity in the U.S. is nearly $200 billion.
  • Corporate America even pays the price. According to the Centers for Disease Control, medical expenses for obese employees are 42 percent higher than for a person with a healthy weight. It’s a hard thing for many to hear, but the numbers are out: If you’re overweight or obese you are a financial liability for your company.
  • We’ve shared this before but it’s worth a re-share. The U.S. News & World Report website had an article entitled “Study Calculates How Much You’ll Save If You Lose Weight”. It was written by staff writer Alexa Lardieri and was posted September. 27, 2017. The study done by researchers from the Global Obesity Prevention Center at Johns Hopkins University looked at how much people at different stages of life would spend on additional costs because of obesity. It estimated additional potential health problems that may arise from being overweight or obese coupled with how much those would cost. While we won’t share all findings for all ages, 50 year-olds added the most money over their lifetime, with an additional $36,278 over their normal-weight counterparts.

Wow! These numbers related to the COST of obesity are staggering … and should serve as stimulus to help provide a good science-based solution.

We have capitalized the words “COST” and “INVESTMENT” in this writing in order to help make a distinction. We realize everyone must be budget sensitive. Yet, we encourage you to help patients and potential weight loss clients to not necessarily live in a “COST” mentality. Cost implies something we GIVE UP. On the other hand, when a person considers starting a health, wellness and weight loss journey, they must think “INVESTMENT” … which is something that brings them a RETURN!

As a wellness provider, you must help others focus on the return on INVESTMENT they will experience from the support you and your team provide. As it relates to a weight loss program, they must see the end-result of learning to eat healthier and in line with their DNA. How might a sensible and scientific based weight loss program which does NOT include pre-packaged foods, shakes or bars positively impact those you care for and influence? What may be different for them? What could be better? How might they look, feel … and live? What could, should and would they do differently if you helped them reach a healthier weight?

The bottom line is this: You must continually express the fact that those you treat, lead and influence cannot put a “price tag” on their health. The process of them losing weight and regaining health … and enjoyment … and self-worth is PRICELESS. Famous billionaire investor Warren Buffet put it clear and to the point when he stated:

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

  • Warren Buffet

This is the message patients and potential weight loss clients must hear. And, it is up to us as the voice of wellness in our communities to own this mindset … and share it relentlessly.

Is it time for YOU to make an INVESTMENT in yourself? Or in your clinic? We believe you are worth it! Click or Call today and let’s chat about how the Activate DNA Weight Loss program may be a perfect fit for you … and your patients!