What the heck is this program all about? (2/4)

What the heck is this program all about?

(Part 2 of 4)

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The 4 Key “S” Pieces of the Activate Metabolic Puzzle

In the last short piece we shared, we started to answer these questions we so commonly get:

“What the heck are they doing to achieve such great clinical results?”

“What is this Activate Metabolic Program really all about?”

Last time we covered the “S #1” (Science). Let’s move on, still apply the “K.I.S.S. Principle” and hit the SECOND “S” …

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Specifically here we are talking about Strategic Eating

What do we mean by this? It’s simple: this is NOT a diet! It’s eating very intentionally to create the change your patient wants and needs. It’s strategic. We tend to avoid the word “diet”. That word itself conjures up ill-feelings for most of our clients. By design they tend to be temporary, short-term, quick fix, fad … and most simply don’t work.

We want to see more of a lifestyle shift – to help clients think differently about their body, understand it better and engage in their unique DNA based eating plan. Don’t get me wrong though… The Activate Metabolic program is highly strategic right from the start to get the body to wake up and get into a “fat burning metabolism”. When folks commit to our initial jump start phase the results are typically significant, quick and exciting. But, we always have to shift gears, hit cruise control and settle into that lifestyle development to reach and maintain our goal weight. We want clients thinking long-term! And that takes STRATEGY and as we move through the necessary phases.

If you are ready to add a highly demanded service that is science based, STRATEGIC and well proven with a high profit potential, then you may want more info. If so, CLICK here to Learn More and let’s connect soon!