What the heck is this program all about? (3/4)

What the heck is this program all about?

(Part 3 of 4)

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The 4 Key “S” Pieces of the Activate Metabolic Puzzle

In this brief piece, we will touch on the THIRD KEY S of our program: Supplementation

Most people’s bodies and habit patterns benefit from assistance in the initial phase of a strategic eating plan – especially if they really want to get a good, effective jump start. This is critical early on, but this piece of the puzzle is one we emphasize should typically be short term. We do not want our weight loss clients dependent on any product.

However, we DO want to assure they get through those early, challenging times and have nutritional products that can naturally assist with hunger, cravings, and that lethargic-yuck feeling most people feel when they attempt to make significant changes. Importantly, we use proven formulas with natural ingredients. There are NO drugs, NO shots and NO hormones. Oh, and our clients will never have to buy a special brand of shakes, bars or boxed food in this program!

The easiest way to show you the products we use is to “pull” a page right from the manual we share with our clients….

These products have proven safe and helpful again and again with the thousands of clients who have successfully gone through the Activate Metabolic Program. This basic description should help you see where the SUPPLEMENTATION piece of the puzzle fits. Of course, If further information is needed, just ask! Next time we will hit S#4: Support!

In the meantime, just CLICK for more information. That will get us connected and sometimes just TALKING about this awesome program and opportunity is the easiest way for doctors to learn!